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Quality domain and Hosting by BlueHost (Review)

There are many cheap and reliable hosting services out there, and one of the best is BlueHost.
When starting out launching websites, My number one headache was DNS redirects and CNAMES to my VPS. It was such a pain, i always ended up calling technical support to assist me.
Fast forward to today, I use BlueHost on most of my sites and client sites, and I like that they are simple, cheap and reliable.
BlueHost is one of the biggest hosting providers, powering over 4 million websites around the world. It os one of the officially recommended host by WordPress.
Today, we dive in to take a closer look, if this hosting provider should be your number one choice or not.
If you are in a hurry, Your successful blog should already be running, Here’s our link to grab a hosting plan at a discounted price of $3.95/month (Free domain included).
So why Bluehost?
The great thing about BlueHost is performance reliability. The starter pack gets you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, premium support and everything else you need to run a functional blog
 They realise non-technical people do not want to be bothered with DNS and Name server jargons.
BlueHost offers a Shared Hosting Plan
  1. Starter
  2. Plus
  3. Business Pro
The starter account get you 1 domain, 1 website and 100GB with Unlimited Bandwidth. 100 email accounts with 500MB/account
This is a great Starter option, if you are getting ready to set up your first site.
BlueHost also offers more advance products for experienced users or for websites with lots of traffic.
They offer wordpress blogger hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated Hosting.
The longer you sign up for, the better your monthly offer. Right now they have an offer as low as $2.95/ month for sign ups from 36months.
Getting Started with BlueHost
  1. Choose your hosting plan, we’ll go with the starter plan for this tutorial
  1. Pick your domain name, this is what you want your website to be called. Our is localgecko.com
  2. Fill out your account information. Name, address and phone number.
  3. Choose your package information – You choose your account plan.
Other options to consider
Domain Privacy Protection – This features protects your personal information from the public.
Site Backup Pro – There are many different ways to backup your site, most are free so I rarely use this feature. leave a comment down below if you want me to list a few available.
Search Engine Jumpstart – This gives your new site a little nudge so it is crawled early by bots
Next step is to enter your Billing information
Confirm your information and get access to you account via your username and password.
Don’t get overwhelmed! I know there will be a lot of new terms and information but once you make a crack at it, it’s quote easy to understand.
How to Install WordPress on your BlueHost Account
  1. Navigate to the website menu at the top bar
  2. Click WordPress
  3. Click “Install”
  4. Select the domain you just purchased
  5. Set up your wordpress username and password once domain checking is complete.
That’s it, wordpress will be installed on your domain


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