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PSA: You Need To Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings Again To Opt Out Of New Targeted Ads

Facebook knows your new year resolution.
Facebook generated over $6.4billion in ad revenue by following your habits
Facebook earns billions targeting ads.
Targeting ads to you earned this company $6.4 billion in 2016
“Facebook’s business model is to amass as much first-party and third-party data on you as possible, and slowly dole out access to it,” Eckersley said.
Say you’re scrolling through your timeline, and you encounter an ad well suited to your activity just 30mins ago. Like a coupon offering 10% off the dress you just admired
Your best friends birthday is on a few days and Facebook is recommending you buy flowers from her local florist.
I once made a joke about a shock therapy watch I heard about. I scrolled through my instagram just to see an offer from Pavlok, a therapy watch company offering you multiple ways to quit that bad habit.
Whatever the subject, I’m sure you’ve wondered how did they find you.
Well, Facebook just Revised it’s ad preference settings that makes it easier for advertisers to find their specific audience.
They even launched a training portal that can get you up to speed. You can find it here https://www.facebook.com/ads/about/?entry_product=ad_preferences
In an attempt to make the ads people see more engaging, useful and relevant
Facebook added the following 4 features
  1. On -site activity tracking
Facebook algorithm can track the pages/groups you visit, like. Your location settings, your device information such as brand and model, type of Internet connection
  1. Collaboration with major data brokers
Facebook also offers marketers the ability to target ads based on information compiled by 3rd party firms like Experian, Epsilon which have history in curating email list and other offline marketing efforts like  consumer contests, surveys and some other private commercial sources.
When combined with Facebook algorithm, it can
  1. Tracking pixels
  2. Phone information
added the following data targeting options for its advertisers.

1. Location
2. Age
3. Generation
4. Gender
5. Language
6. Education level
7. Field of study
8. School
9. Ethnic affinity
10. Income and net worth
11. Home ownership and type
12. Home value
13. Property size
14. Square footage of home
15. Year home was built
16. Household composition

So here’s how you can opt out of these ads.
Facebook claims they’ve been transparent about how they share your information and it remains dedicated to user privacy, you can now customise your ad preferences in a new dashboard made available. The long standing drop-down link “why am I seeing this ad” allows you to get rid of ads you don’t like.
These solutions however do not get rid of all ads completely nor do they stop Facebook from using their 4 tracking methods on its users.
The preference Mangager for instance let’s users deselect particular interest Facebook algorithm has associated them but there’s no way to disable interest tracking completely.
According to Eckersley, if you don’t like it’s taking methods, simply don’t use it.
Third party sites are tracking your usage anyway and you just don’t know it and You have to disable these sites individually
“It’s the paradox of modern life,” he laughed, adding that he needs the site to keep in touch with friends and family. “We’re strongly incentivized, by the culture around us, to use this technology. It’s incredibly useful — and an incredibly giant structural problem for our privacy.”


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